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Newf Rescue

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NCA - Newfoundland Club of America      AKC - American Kennel Club 

A Video on this wonderful Breed designed by Gina Destro


It's all about the Newfs...                                                     

This web site was conceived and created for the purpose of providing and supporting a broad-scale exchange of ideas and suggestions to benefit those groups and individuals dedicated to Newfoundland rescue. 


Bedrock, Pebbles, Dino - Newfoundland RescuesAny pure breed Newfoundland that is legally turned over to us is immediately taken to one of our participating veterinarians for a complete health check, vaccinations, if needed, and is spayed/neutered. The Newf is then placed into one of our foster homes for an undetermined length of time (depending on the Newfs condition) for a complete evaluation of the Newfs retraining, rehabilitation and restoring of health. The Newf will be kept in foster care as long as necessary to prepare it for entry into its new and permanent home.   Before any adoption is ever made, a site visit is made to the potential adoptee's home to determine if they and their home environment would be suitable for a Newfoundland.  All potential adoptee's must have the proper pet supplies to keep their Newfy happy and safe. 

Dick Goddard & Kobie Newfoundlands make a wonderful companion, but is it for you?
Are you prepared to spend the time on a Newfoundland
Would you like to become an adoptive parent?
Or a foster parent or volunteer in some way?
Panda - Rescued Landseer Newfoundland (aka No Tail)Dino - NewfBedrock Newf