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Monetary donations to the Rescue Program can be made to specific regional clubs.  Simply click on the club of your choice here
If you have any difficulty, please send me an email.

Thank you in advance for helping rescue Newfoundland Dogs, 
your generosity will go a long way!  


to the following people and organizations for their
generous donations to Newf Rescue.

Members of Newf Neighborhood Kanine Kafe
Kelli & Danielle Coleman
Joan Bendure
One Tech Source Jeff Falibert Love Newfs 
Up-n-Away Balloon Dominic's Grooming John Roberts Hair Salon
Ronald Markowitz Real Estate, Inc.  Gone to the Dogs Dog Wash Dawn's House of Dog Grooming
Quick Change Oil St. Hazards Village on the Beach Champs Restaurant
Charter One Bank Time Out Grille Maxx & Erma's Restaurant
Cleveland's MicroBrewery AquaSonic Car Wash Jay Honda
 Applebee's Restaurant Lynn Reinhardt Dan & Arlene Carr
Susan Holcombe Susan Aspeotes Dieneke Heerema
Kinko's - Mayfield Cleveland Marriott Julie McKenzie
Invisible Fencing Dick Goddard Jim Tigue
Dana Ash Jeannine Martinson Arlene Widdows
Trudy Stroupe Cindy Gray Mike Miller, CPA
Brown's Creations Kiwanis Club of Richmond Hts. Top's Friendly Market
Hilltop Plaza
Lighthouse Newfoundlands Safe Haven Trapper of Hearts
Kate England
In memory of Wilbur
Lisa Lumbruno
In memory of Wilbur
Michele Greenfield,
In memory of Ben Taylor
Ronald & Barbara Forthman Daniel Gifford Shari Barker (Dexter)
Brenda Sproat
In honor of Melvyn and Fluryanne Leach
Mary Allyn Pam Day
Rebecca Finch
In memory of Sampson
William Bonnier B.A. Barker
(Everything Doggie)
Kyla George Nancy L Raines
In loving memory of Mollie, our newf rescue 
Brenda Sproat
In honor of Melvyn and Fluryanne Leach
Mary Allyn K Shaid H Baig Emily Duffy
Sheila Maher
In Memory of Kuma Fowler
Margaret Sweeney Sarah Rubin
Stephanie Smith
In Memory of Amy Papper
Natalia Lumpkin Maria Hall
Sugar Bear Newfoundlands
Joan M. Marriott
Dana Corporation
Jeffrey McCary Denise Anne Garrood
In Honor of Nana McDonough
John & Deborah Erbs
In Loving Memory of Dino
Steve Marcotte Molly Wilson
In memory of Jordan Butler Mason
Robyn Schmidt
In memory of the father of
Newf lover Kathi DiJohn
Bernard Schaknowski
Buzz and Diane Gunty
In loving memory of Abby Minor-Dittmer
Jim Elkins Greg Marks
In honor of Tom and Carol Keightley
Norma Jeanne & Joe Mudry
In loving memory of Kimo
Toby Ryan
We Love our Newfy Guinness
Marti Dickson
The Great Rugby Dickson

If you have made a donation and your name does not appear on this list, please accept my sincere apologies and contact me right away!


Some Great Links:  [NCA]  [AKC]  and Spoil Yourself at:  [Love Newfs]



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